Here’s what some have had to say:

“Ms. Keets has managed to create a unique blend of what I’d call “soft rock” or maybe “pop rock” with some “country-sounding” lyrics to come up with a very enjoyable creation. To take from a famous brother and sister team of the mid to late 70’s, “She’s a little bit country, she’s a little bit rock n’ roll!” in just the right proportions! Unlike a lot of country and alternative music, Keets’ music keeps the listener awake, interested and aware of the lyrics!  I’ve never seen any of Ms. Keets fashion designs so I don’t know if she has a chance at a career in that field or not, but I do believe she has a very good chance at having a great career in music. I rate her 10 stars and a “thumbs up!” – Gulf Coast Music Review

“There’s not one song by this artist that I disliked” — Women of Substance

“Hi Jensen, I’m thankful that Ariel turned us on to you. I really dig your music! ”– IMRadio

“Loving the music of Jensen Keets. Wonderful, innovative sound and her vocals shine on and on.” — WLSO.FM

“Ambitious, Awesome, Boisterous, Bright, Confident, Dramatic” — The Cadence Revolution

“I really like her music. I am adding some songs to my show catalog” — Indie on Air

“Your music is awesome.  Your voice is killer and the arrangements have really impactive dynamics.” –Jill Hennessy

“I could go all fan-girl for days about what a good lyricist she is, and how her voice is far far better than most singers on the radio, but, I’ll let you find out for yourself.” – Marveloddities, Maria T

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